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Monday, January 14, 2008

More on me

I am not a well known chaser.

I have preferred up to this point to lay low and bring myself up slowly. I know that sounds stupid, but why rush things right? Each season, myself and the others at INCHASE (more on them later) have set specific goals and milestones to achieve. "Working the weather" and using the data to drive your chase is extremely difficult and even if the data tells you one thing, sometimes the other thing happens. I have the highest level of respect for our NWS meteorologists, my fellow highly experienced chasers and enthusiasts. As I said, each season since 2004, we have set goals. One was to better understand the the predictors and initiators for storms. In doing this, we busted a lot for our target areas. We learned and have refined that skill. Another goal was to get better at removing our faces from our laptops and using the signs around us once we are close. Not doing that can get you in trouble. Overall, my personal goal was to experiment and use the technology from my professional life and bring it to the storm chasing table. In my Real life, I am a media producer. I get paid to come up with ideas and figure out the best way to implement them. Sound like fun? It is. I have produced commercials, feature films, corporate video and for the last 8 years I have worked on long-form documentaries. I have brought most of my cameras with me on chases. I got some great footage and some really bad footage too! I also brought my technology along. My wife calls our chase van the rolling geekmobile...I call it my home for many hours of driving and spotting. We use the spotter network, GPS, Skype, Yahoo IM and live video to report our position. We feel we have a fairly good system put together. We really look forward to 2008 as we have blocked our schedule for a number of days out on the plains. I will do my best to post more on myself and my geekdom. Stay tune!

Up next: The National Storm Chaser Convention is fast approaching.
After That: The INCHASE Group

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