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Thursday, January 17, 2008

June 2007 Camp Chief Little Turtle, Ashley, Indiana

Above are a few sweet shots of a storm passing just to the North of camp. My boys are in the Scouts, they noticed the front development and hunted me down. I really like the waves in the second shot. Nature is awsome!

I promised a brief explanation of what INCHASE is/was is going to become...

Indiana Chasers of Adverse and Severe wEather was started a number of years ago in Indianapolis by a number of weather enthusiasts was were disillusioned with the rising amount of reckless chasing. They wanted to chase severe wx but in a responsible way. The early days saw a lot of activity, meetings, group chases and even other groups such as: ILCHASE, MICHASE and OHCHASE...

Jump forward a couple of years, the group got less active, people moved on, so in stepped my current chase partner and myself. We liked the concept, and so we adopted it with the blessing of the past group and are currently working at resurrected it. Unfortunately, the URL has lapsed, and has been acquired (not by us) and so another group is reborn!

Clay Stahlka and myself have been working the last few seasons to get ourselves experienced and able to chase with confidence. We have a new site in the works and have been working on getting people involved again. We are doing this because we love weather, we love to chase and in doing so we if we can help the NWS and the public with our efforts, then we have accomplished what we wanted to.

I will give more details about our chase strategy, the tools and our chase vehicle.

Keep stopping by, as I will be adding more material each day.

Regards, Johnathan Brouwer

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